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1. This service has a Secure Messaging facility, which enables you to send sensitive information and file attachments to Wealthtime Limited that could not normally be sent via email. 2. Please note that Wealthtime Limited cannot be held responsible for the safe receipt of any information sent via the Secure Messaging facility. This service should only be used by a Client of The Wealthtime Select Platform or third parties who are authorised and accepted by Wealthtime Limited to provide instructions on a Client's behalf. 3. You should only submit a Secure Message if you are the authorised Wealthtime Select Online User, who has accepted the appropriate Terms & Conditions. 4. Wealthtime Limited reserves the right to amend these Terms & Conditions at any time without prior notice. 5. Wealthtime Limited reserves the right not to act on any instruction received if insufficient information is provided. 6. A full list of acceptable instructions can be viewed below. Please note that it may be subject to change at any time without prior notification. 7. Please note that Wealthtime Limited is unable to accept investment instructions via the Secure Messaging facility. 8. Please note that instructions to set up a new tranche of income cannot be accepted via Secure Messaging, only changes to existing tranches. Any changes to existing income payments must be notified to Wealthtime Limited at least 9 working days before the relevant pension payroll. Income is always paid on the 1st of the month. For setting up a new tranche of income, the Client will need to complete a Benefit Payment Form. Wealthtime Limited must have all the required information including cleared funds at least 14 working days before the month end, to enable income on a new tranche to be paid on the 1st of the next month. If the plan is fully invested, additional time will be required to disinvest any required funds from third party fund managers. 9. Secure Message Form - Attachment
For security reasons, only the following document types can be attached via this service:
Word 2007, Excel 2007, Word (97-2003), Excel (97-2003), images (gif, jpeg, png, and tiff), pdf, plain text (txt), rich text (rtf), tab separated (tsv) and comma separated (csv). The maximum document size that can be attached is 16 MB. Please note large files will take longer to send. All attachments will be verified by our anti-virus software. A maximum of 3 files may be attached to the same message.


Instruction Accepted Not Accepted Comments
New benefit instruction   tick  
Amendment to benefit instruction received,
but not in income withdrawal
Subsequent tranche instructions   tick  
Age admittance   tick  
Investment dealing (including switches/encashments)   tick  
Amendment to an existing tranche of drawdown tick    
Change of IFA address tick   IFA
Change of client address tick   IFA / Client
Change of agency (IFA) tick   Client
Amendment to online user's list of clients tick   IFA / Client
Adviser charge queries tick   IFA
General queries tick   IFA / Client
Change of personal details tick   IFA / Client
Instruction to transfer money to investment manager tick   IFA / Client
Valuation request tick   IFA / Client
Transaction report request tick   IFA / Client


The Latest Valuation Summary should always be cross-checked with the asset information as some values may be out of date, as it is not always possible to update every asset daily. All the "Prices" shown are the last known price. This is usually the price on the last working day, however some prices cannot be updated as frequently so may be older. The "Latest Valuation" is the latest value based on the price, and units held on our records. Online valuations on the Asset View page are generally, for collectives, shown based on the bid price and for UK equity prices, shown on a "mid-price" basis. For shares listed on the London Stock Exchange Daily Official List, "mid-price" means "the mid point of the two prices shown on the London Stock Exchange Daily Official List on the relevant date".


Pending Trades relate to instances where investment/units have been purchased or sold, but the documentation confirming the transaction is still outstanding so the monies paid or received and assets sold or bought may not yet be shown.


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